Roxy’s Bio


Roxana is a beautiful and talented model and actress born in El Salvador and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  Her nationality is Salvadorean, Spaniard, and Italian.  When she was only 3 years old her single mother moved her and her brother to California to have a better life.  Her mother had to work 3 jobs to make ends meet for the family.  Roxana’s father was rarely in her life.  Roxana feels that much of her drive, persistence, and determination comes from her mother who was a strong woman and the backbone and rock of the family.

While in California, Roxana became attracted to the modeling and acting industry and attacked it with a passion.  She loves being in front the camera, and the camera loves her.  Having some experience under her belt, Roxana feels and knows that she is destined for greatness soon enough.  It is this passion, drive, and determination this beautiful young lady possess that keeps her striving and hungry for more.

In her spare time, Roxana likes to go to the movies, hang out with friends, and play sports.  She is a very active and outdoorsy woman that likes working out, bicycling, engaging in tae kwon do, aikido, and hapkido, and swimming.  Roxana loves the water and everything pure and majestic about it.  Coincidence?  Maybe since Roxana’s birthday falls in November and her astrological sign is Scorpio which is a water sign.

This compelling and gorgeous young lady is going places, and she has an undying love for animals.  She wants to help as many animals in shelters in an attempt to find loving and caring homes for these animals.  Roxana currently owns 2 cats.

Her ultimate goal is to be a successful actress on the big screen.